Expressing ONES Self Through Creativity 

ALL 4 ONE Creative Arts Before/After School Program

ALL 4 ONE provides Kindergarten to 12th-grade students of Baltimore with an innovative, high-quality programs that focuses on a creative arts-integrated, hands-on curriculum, with the overall goal of giving our students a lifetime appreciation of learning and the development of their unique talents and abilities during out-of-school hours.

Early Risers Program (morning program)

During the morning program there will be creative play or creative activity with morning motivation.

After School Creative Arts Program

Our daily after school programs provide school aged students with a safe and secure space to learn and grow. Students receive access to a Creative Arts Curriculum and a full afternoon schedule of activities which includes Music, Dance, Arts, Crafting, Computers, Movies, Outdoor Sports, and more are offered each week and a set number of events (during the school year). Students are assigned to classes based on age, and take part in developmentally appropriate activities. Student to teacher ratios remain small.


Creative Arts

  • Identify and distinguish Creative Play, Creative Drama and the Creative Process. 
  • Experience similarities and differences between Product and Process.
  • Identify rules for a positive, safe, and creative environment.
  • Explore using a multicultural approach in the creative process.

Music and Movement

  • Identify the four major reasons for including music after school.
  • Explore and discuss theories of musical development after school.
  • Explore developmental stages of music and movement.
  • Discuss and practice songs and basic instruments.
  • Discuss, explore and create movement activities.

Visual and 3Dimensional Art

  • Explore and discuss various theories linking drawing and learning, including the differences in 
  • developmental stages of drawing
  • Explore and use typical and non-typical materials in the process of creating visual art.
  • Explore various 3-dimensional art materials to use after school
  • Explore methods of working with children with exceptionalities in 3-dimensional art.

Play and Creative Drama After School

  • Identify differences in play and the value they contribute to a child’s development.
  • Explore the four different areas of Creative Play and Drama
  • Explore differences in different cultures.


Y.E.A (Young Entrepreneurs of America)


Food, Forks, and Fun

Lights, Camera, Action

And much more....

School year 2017-2018